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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lessons learnt Today : Crystal Evans

Have you played in the rain recently? I like when the rain falls. It's like human activity and this world is forced to stand still and marvel
 at Mother Nature. 

I walked home on the rain today acutely aware of the people on the passing cars who must have questioned my sanity when they say a grown woman, soaked, skirt dripping wet in the pouring rain. 

I didn't care, truth is I was only half aware of them but my interested was fixated on the misty mountains towered abroad the grey sky at the edge of my horizon. I wondered how many of my ancestors must have walked this road, staring into the picturesque view of the undulating green shrubs and trees that look tiny and clustered from afar.

No doubt these mountains have seen more people in their lifetime
than I could
Ever begin to
Imagine or

It's like the movie of Bob Marley's Funeral, I see so many faces of people who no longer graced these streets with their feet. A whole culture lost to graves and tombstones, undocumented experiences, stories only those mountains and trees if they could talk would perhaps be spurred to tell. 

I have been a walk foot for a great part of my life. I know what it feels like to be going at a slow pace while the world squishes past you. 

I understand the discontent that the eyes of the mobile traveller projects when it lands on the meandering pedestrian or for those who are flung a wheeled trough of water by an inconsiderate or speeding driver. 

It is primitive form of reasoning to believe that those who walk are somehow inferior to those who travel in an automobile. I guess it has a lot to do with socio-economics. Wealthy bankers and publishers in New York City take the cab. Transportation should be a mere convenience not a symbol of status. We cannot all be the same, we are not born the same but we emphasize our differences so much that in the end we create a world not of diversity but of same people. 

My hairdresser thinks black people cannot handle success. She's probably right, Vybz Kartel is his own management and maybe it is his downfall. She alluded to the scammers who in her opinion, don't have any ambitions, only goals, never prepared for money and thus have no clue what to do with it. In the end, the devil creates work for idle hands. 

A police car slowed down to speak with a little boy whose face was completely covered with a face rag. It is a fashion mode today for young men to dress like hoodlums wearing mask like head coverings. The little boy barely 19 years old told the cop in a superior gesture to "circle back" and turn come and speak to him. The senior cop was intellectual, he laughed and shook his head. And for the first time in my life I understood why a cop with less intelligence and tolerance would have slapped the shot out of him because as an observer, I felt like going over there and shake him asking him what virtue or medal he seeks to attain by being boorish to an officer of the law? 

Not just being uncouth to the officer but by glorifying his disrespectful behavior. Hasn't he learnt from all indications including the dismantlement of gangs and their accomplices that gangsters die young? I am on the good people side but if that officer had offered him a few punches for his impudence, I would not waste my sympathy on him. 

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