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“The idea that sex is something a woman gives a man, and she loses something when she does that, which again for me is nonsense. I want us to raise girls differently where boys and girls start to see sexuality as something that they own, rather than something that a boy takes from a girl.”

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Don't be too hard on yourself !

Weirdest things in life is how lofty people always make their ideals for you yet set average standards for themselves. People have always judged me above standard because of my brilliance not understanding that I came from unborn opportunities like them and was never in my estimation given any special tools for them to expect more from me than they expect from themselves. In hindsight people only place you on a pedestial so they can in the end tear you down. 

We spend our entire lives judging ourselves against others. If we measure people and they fall short we believe we are license to
Insult them and tear them down. If they buoy on a float of accomplishments, we begin to feel small within ourselves and murmur above how
Insignificant others feel when they don't even really recognize us. We feel inferior in light of others success without them doing anything categorically for us to think ourselves short but we use their lives as a yardstick and when we come up
On the short end we feel others notice when in many cases if it is not pointed out then no one sees it. Sincerely successful people do not have time to notice the idleness of minions. The idle nature of the average man always forces him to see the deficiencies in others but not within himself. He spends his entire life trying to highlight the defects in others so as to shy people away from his own inadequacies. When he accentuates others short fallings then he can feel better within himself. It soothes his deflated ego to show others that he is not alone in his inferiority. 

They sit and lurk to hear if your life is going wrong because nothing is going right with theirs. The most gossips,lies and rumours are to be found among people who are just merely alive. They tell stories to past time and when they get bored of telling stories, they start to create lies and sensationalize opinions as truth. They believe that because other low minded people share their opinions then it must be a fact. Facts created by not reason but by preconceived notions often supported by bad mind and lies. No one cares about the truth only about what sounds good to their ears. As long as it supports their kind of thinking then they are okay with it of course. 

I have observed a phenomena about women in this community and is how quick they are able to form opinions and "ideas" about other women without any knowledge  of their character and just by virtue of some preconceived notion often fueled by envy, bias and downright bad mind which in many cases have no basis or truth to it.i hate when biotches try to use their lackluster lives as a yardstick for mine...

I don't have time to watch other people's lives because I am too busy trying to make ends meet in my life. I have become so committed to
My own individual development and dependency that most of my friends think "mi switch" because I no longer dedicate to myself to sitting and measuring my life by the successful passerbys that swish pass. 

Compliments are free, don't be so stingy with them. Those who are reluctant  to compliment others sit at the helms of haters. They only want to compound others weaknesses, always quick to insult and denigrate but never swift to compliment and inspire. It is good to encourage people by validating their successes and reaching out to them in their aspirations. You will assist them in building their strength of character and improving their talents. 

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