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Sunday, February 16, 2014

What does your Search Engine Rank Mean?

People often ask me about search engine rankings and what does it mean. It pays a lot to be at the top of search results for your niche especially if you are selling a product. You do not want your customers or readers having to search several pages past the first results page to find your site. We know that people rarely past the first page, most individuals simply refine their search or give up altogether. 

Search Engine Optimization is not only ranking highly in your niche search results but ensuring that relevant key words associated with your particular blog or Website service directs your customers or readers categorically  to your webpage. 

Last year I placed a bid on a website that was for sale on and what struck me about the website was how low it ranked. was found on the tenth page of google and probably still is albeit the owner took my advice and tweaked the site. When you google "Caribbean Vacation" you are suppose to see the domain with the keyword on the first page. Other domains were ranking higher than the domain with the central keyword because they have more optimized web content than 

I often used myself as a keyword to discover how optimised my sites are to my name. There are thousands of Crystal Evans in the world so we have narrowed it down to my niche. Crystal Evans Jamaica. When you google the keywords "crystal Evans Jamaica" you are liable to see my LinkEd page ranking higher than others but I am almost sure my blogs and websites will dominate googles search engine results. 

I often use different keywords to get an idea of ranking of the websites. I googled " crystal Evans book" and two of my books came up on the first page and when I search for "crystal Evans writer", I have at least two results on the first page. 

One day I hope not only to top my niche but dominate the entire global search Results for the key terms people use to search for my blogs. 

Traffic is important to ranking on search engines. If no one visits your page or if you do not add fresh contents then google bots don't stop by and pick up you URL. 

I tried other search engines like Yahoo and Safari to see what the results are like. And they were similar. Search Engine submission is also key to getting your site noticed on the World Wide Web. Some domain brokers and sites sell this service but there are many sites wherein you can submit your website for free on any particular search engine. Always maintain credibility in your area as search engines can blacklist your site. You do not want to be spammy so that even Facebook blocks your site from even being linked to post. It is one of the reasons why I prefer organic traffic as oppose to buying leads and  spamming forums. 

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