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“The idea that sex is something a woman gives a man, and she loses something when she does that, which again for me is nonsense. I want us to raise girls differently where boys and girls start to see sexuality as something that they own, rather than something that a boy takes from a girl.”

— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie



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Monday, September 8, 2014

Ghetto Slam Steamy Sex excerpt



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‪#‎Get‬ it online and in store October 2014
Kitty leaned into the strong body of the twenty one year old who was the culprit of many a sleepless nights thinking about his enormous package. He was there in front of her, not a figment of her imagination anymore and even though he was not as handsome as she envisioned him, the aura he gave off augmented the sexual chemistry between them
He peered down at her, an amused look on his face. Some women would have been intimidate by his big burly look but not Kitty. She thought about how a man like him would have been feared and revered in medieval times for this tall, bulky appearance. He would have made a grand warrior, big and brave like Hercules.
She trailed his dark brown lips with her hand. There was something unmistakably alluring about him. It was true that when you genuinely connected with someone,even their physical flaws are appealing. Kitty would never admit that she found a big belly, hairy face and knock knees attractive.
She crooned, gazing up into his handsome face. " So tell me what does it feel like being all the way up there."
He snapped his neck back and his lips pulled back into smile that exposed big white teeth. He could fell a tree with them. He asked in a low drawl " A just me height you love?"
Kitty lips curled into a seductive smile. " No!"
He fingered her hair and albeit he looked somewhat reluctant. Kitty knew he was worried about screwing the Councillor's wife and needed assurance. He was a big boy but Kitty knew she was looking into the eyes of a child.
He was a shy boy but those feral eyes betrayed a seething danger that could be aroused by a measurable offence.. Kitty took the box out of her pocket and handed him the G-Shock watch. He took it with his long fingers and Kitty thought about how those fingers would feel inside of her.
He laughed and examined the Watch like a prepubescent boy looking at a new Toy.
Kitty asked. " You can take it home? I thought long and hard about buying it cause I wasn't sure. Don't want you to have any problems at home"
Gary gazed into her eyes and Kitty maintained contact. A mutual understanding passed between them and he smiled, never looking away. Kitty shuddered, this soul searching was melting her "like butter inna morning sun"
He was not a dumb boy and he was good at what he did. Kitty knew instantly how he got that pretty girl to commit to him. He exuded a level of sincerity that most modern men lack. He was not just the type of man who used money, he had immeasurable charm, he listened and he responded. When he thinks you are scolding him, he makes penance. This horse could still be broken and if he ever crossed Kitty, she would not hesitate to throw him off like the Jockey he was.
Kitty touched her lips against his lightly and jumped back at how he quickly and aggressively shoved his tongue into her mouth. He wiped his mouth and kitty not wanting him to misinterpret her gesture, reassured him. " No not like that Big tongue! Am gonna teach you some things and then you gonna go home and teach your little girlfriend."
He chuckled and Kitty leaned into his big strong chest. "Follow my lead. Big boy"
Kitty licked his lips. He smiled and she gently bit his bottom lip, tugging it softly. His eyes darkened and pupil's contracted. Kitty ran her tongue across his inner lip, barely brushing his teeth. She gave him three, short, consecutive kisses and then plunged her tongue into his mouth. She found his tongue slippery and course, the dance in her Buccal Cavity left her wet and horny. She thrust her hands into his pants and found the half-hard, heavy piece of flesh folded. She massaged it and he deepened the kiss.
Kitty opened her eyes to check his face and his eyes were open, gauging her response and she closed her eyes so that he could have his fill of her. Kitty moved over to stoop atop him in the driver seat. She unzipped his pants and took out the giant member that flew out like an escapee from prison.
Kitty ran her tongue alongside its cylindrical side, he gasped and she took its head in the mouth and twirl her tongue around it. She gave his penis cat-like kisses and at intervals slobbered all over it like a dog. She worked her snake like tongue and sent tremors through his young, strong body.
Kitty did not remember her panties coming off. He must have removed them when she was kissing his sword for she felt his long fingers stroking her wet Pum Pum. She kneed before his gun and wiped the Rifle clean.
In two, swift, fluidic motions he was on top of Kitty and sinking his large phallus inside of her tight sheath. Kitty convulsed as a paroxysm of pleasure consumed her and within minutes they collapse on the driver's seat, languid and wet. Kitty was on cloud nine.
He said in a husky voice. "That was interesting!"
Kitty shot him an angry look and he heaved himself off her knocking his head on the roof of the Jeep before planting a wet kiss on her forehead. He took a pack of wipes out of the Glove compartment box and handed them to Kitty as he wiped himself up. Kitty was embarrassed and cleaned his sex fluids off her body in a chilling silence.
The reality of what took place dawn on her. She screwed this twenty one year old in his Harrier Jeep on the Housing Scheme her husband was developing. What kind of woman did that? Now he probably saw her as a woman who sucked little boy's dicks and bought them gifts. A respectable woman being slammed in a Jeep on some abandoned road by a little hype boy. Kitty glanced at his dick and she wanted more. He gave her a longing look and smiled. He knew he had done his job well. That dick took Kitty places Tom could never reach and she wanted more. He gave her a derisive look and Kitty confirmed that he knew the power of his sexual prowess. He grinned and Kitty looked away for tears threatened to brim her eyelids. She was a grown woman acting like a horny teenager. She hurriedly dressed while he sat in his seat checking the messages on his phone. Kitty was just another name in his little Ghetto ass black book. She shrugged and said in a clipped, officious tone.
" Am ready, please take me to my car!"
He threw her a fleeting glance and dropped the phone on his lap. "No problem, Miss Big Woman" he replied in a sardonic tone. Kitty smiled, she would rather be caught dead than let him see how much his after sex indifference ruffled her feathers. She was a boss chick and even though his dick game was un par, ain't no way he was gonna make a fool out of her

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