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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Children of the Jamaican Working Class

Ideas from Book: Children of the Jamaican Working Class 

Copyright © 2014 

Superstition, farming, career choice, bang belly politics, Jamaican love them belly than anything else, individualize politics, everybody a grope. Siddung a qait pon politician or family member fe buss you. 
Unity- education for everyone, help and support each other. 

Get Rich Quick mentality-super star life, sit down a wait pon a buss mentality. Fahrin. No amount of wishful thinking is gonna change Jamaica. Get off your asses and go chase your dreams. Embrace a "only dead can prevent me" from achieving mindset. 

Too much chatting, ppl on forums online in groups and pages yapping away and when the trumpet sound for action, investment and resources, everybody either don't have the time, claim their resource is too little to share or sit down and wait for someone else to pave the way. Too many opinions with little action. 

It is not lack of opportunities, resources or investment that has stymied JAmaica's growth but willpower. If we could empower our people to move forward then we could reach somewhere but in this economic drought, the average man cannot concentrate on anything else but his individual survival. 

Cut down on the bling.... Spending all that money trying to impress people who don't like you. A lot of parents say times are hard and yet daddy always have money to visit the Bar and mommy always decked out in expensive garb and hairstyle. Children cannot go to school because there is not sufficient disposable income to allow for mommy and daddy flamboyant lifestyle and a child's education. Then these children lacking the mental resources to contribute to their society become a detriment all because then parents never get them priority straight! 

This free culture a kill we. Everybody want freebies. Free this and Thot. We won't even support our musicians, artiste, designers and writers, we would rather Jamaicans give away products made by Jamaicans and we spend our hard earn money on international brands. How are we going to build this country when we will not become self sufficient. When you buy from the designer? The money he gets, he will use to go to the market and support the farmer, the car dealer, save a little in the bank so you can get it to borrow, buy something from the young boy pushing the cart hence keeping him out of trouble, out of jail and perhaps a grave. 
The designer will be able to send his children to school and their education will ensure that we have a better future for our children. The more educated citizens we have, the brighter the future will be. 

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