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Monday, January 4, 2010

Why Jamaican Men Lie

Why Jamaican men lie
Have you ever wondered why men lie? Why males feel the need to constantly misrepresent reality? Men lie outrageously (often to our amusement and annoyance) about simple things that we women would not care about if they told the truth. There are sometimes when we want them to lie about their feeling such as when they are breaking up with us. But in many situations we would rather hear the truth from them than from someone else. No one enjoys being mislead or taken for a fool. There is not one woman alive who loves a man who constantly torts the reality of situations.

Ten reasons why men lie:
1. They cannot afford to tell the truth because they are ashamed of the reality of their situation. But if a man lies about his situation, it does not change the reality of the situation. The woman will eventually find out he is a tall taler.

2. They are indifferent to your feelings and could not care less if you discover they were lying. These are the connoisseur of mendacity. Such atrocious characters should be avoided at all cost.

3. They have done it numerous times and gotten away with it. They know you will take them back because you are very forgiving. Every male knows what his irritating quality is and he is going to find a woman that he knows will tolerate his lies if he is a liar.

4. Some men can’t help but lie. It is as if it is within their genetic makeup. They tell a lie as easily as you and I breathe without hesitation or compunctions. When it is discovered that they have been lying. Most will shrug off the situation and carry on as if nothing happened. Those are what my mother calls spawn of Satan.

5. Some claim that they lie because they do not want to hurt the females feeling. The man may lie because he is afraid the truth will hurt you and damage the relationship. That is what they call a white lie because it does more good than harm. Until you find out of course!

6. Some men lie to avoid responsibilities. This is the man who lies about being the father of your child or the one who lies about why he did not call you last night. He does not want to be accountable for his actions.

7. Jamaican men underestimate women’s abilities and assume that you will never find out that he was lying. Most men think women are dumb when it comes to deciphering a knave from a gentleman. What most men do not know is that we know they are lying most times but are afraid to admit the truth to ourselves because of how much it hurts. We do not want to drive a wedge between our lout and us; therefore we do not question your flimsy excuses and statements because we do not want an argument. We do not want a rift in the relationship. We want you to feel comfortable and most Jamaican women do not want to be accused of nagging him. So we pretend it’s all nice in paradise.

8. He is insecure. A man who lies about his social or financial status is a clear indication that he has self esteem problems. He has not accepted himself and will have a hard time accepting you.

9. He has something to hide. A man, who lies about his real name or his past, has something to hide. Be wary of him. You may be having a relationship with a wanted murderer and do not know it. Once you suspect he is lying, you need to get out of that relationship now.

10. He is afraid of consequences. Most men like to do their dirty deeds and get away with it. This is the primary reason why men lie because they are afraid of the repercussions. Men hate confrontations with their mates and will try to avoid it at all cost. Lying is the easiest way out. Others will avoid you until they think you have gotten over their misdemeanor then they resurface again.


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  3. Dating a 70 yr old Jamaican. Nice guy, but his controlling factor is slowing showing its ugly face. Any suggestions on dating a Jamaican?