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“The idea that sex is something a woman gives a man, and she loses something when she does that, which again for me is nonsense. I want us to raise girls differently where boys and girls start to see sexuality as something that they own, rather than something that a boy takes from a girl.”

— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie



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Monday, January 4, 2010

Ten things my father should have told me about Jamaican Men

Ten things a woman’s father should have told her about men.

The role that a father plays in the life of his young daughter is very important.

It is not confined to satisfying the financial needs of his offspring but instilling values and morals into the psyche of his daughter.

This involves encouraging the development of a sense of self and awareness when it comes to relationships.

But how many fathers have sat with their daughters and educate her on the psychology of men, women and relationships. If fathers taught their daughters how to respond to men, pros, cons of men and relationships we would have been better in our relations with men.

We would have known how to decipher the wolves from the sheep.

Here are some things I wished my dad had told me about men

1. Men lie to get what they want. I would have been spared quite a few masculine deceptions if my father had told me that men do not always mean what they say. Men will omit information or lie outrageously to convince a woman to be with them and sleep with them.

2. Men will tell a woman what he knows she wants to hear in order to get her into his bed. Men pretend and fake commitment to get sex. A man will feign emotions and act as your ideal mate to have intercourse with you. When he has gotten his prize then the real man unveils himself.

3. A man will have sex with a woman he has no feelings for and without emotional attachment. There goes my preconceived notion that he must be feeling something for me because we are copulating. Wrong! He is simple going through motions and not emotions.

4. When a man meets a woman he is rarely thinking long term, he is merely thinking about having a good time with her. This good time entails sexual intercourse. That means when a man meets you, he is not thinking marriage and children. He is having the most primal desire which is companionship and coitus.

5. Majority of men do not care about a woman’s social status when he is seeking her out. This is confirmed by numerous wealthy men of high socio-financial caliber who marry and have relations with women who are societally deemed below their status. Therefore my PhD does not guarantee that I will get a husband or that men will fall down at my feet and worship me.

6. Men who are concentrating on your financial status and career want a trophy and not an individual. You may think he married you because you are a wonderful person but only to discover that you are his wife because you have a sixe figure income and a career. Most times women do not find out about these unscrupulous men until they have lost their jobs and status and the man abandons her because she is useless to him. Once the sociopath thinks you are no longer meaningful to him, he will leave you.

7. Number seven ties in with number six. I wish my dad had informed me about the prince charming and the frog.
I prayed my father had told me that not all men that glitter are gold.
My dad should have told me that prince charming can mutate into prince harming.
My dad should have edified me of the narcissist, antisocial, sociopaths and the elaborate neurotics.
My father should have told me about crazy, deranged men posing as ideal partners. Many women wished their dads had told them about men who will not only make their lives miserable but take ways their life.

8. Men do not see relationships the way we do. Men do not have the reactions that we have to gestures such as singing a song, writing poetry etc. if a man goes up on a stage and sings for his woman in front of her friends, her eyes are filled with love, appreciation and adulation. If a woman should sing to a man in front of his friends (unexpectedly), he may react with embarrassment, disbelief and downright disapproval. Instead of running to the stage to kiss you, majority of men will slink away to find a hole to bury himself because of the discomfiture he is feeling from your public declaration.

9. You cannot buy a man’s love. It’s the same as a man professing that he will spend money on us to engender a relationship. Love cannot be bought. Do not think that you can buy love. You can buy faux companionship and an artifice of a relationship. Genuine love and deep bonds cannot be fostered by pecuniary influences. True and real relationships based on love will last even during poverty. A relationship based on money will disintegrate if indigence sets in.

10. You cannot force a man to love you. My father and male relatives may love me unconditionally without coercion or question. When it comes to strangers, it is entirely different scenario. Love is fostered by continual moments of interaction between two individuals who realize that they value each other’s company, to want to live together forever (or for a period of time). You cannot force someone to want to be with you. In most cases if you force love, you push that person further away from you.


Remember there are exceptions...

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