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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Improve your Immune System to Fight Ebola

Ebola is an infectious and generally fatal disease marked by fever and severe internal bleeding, spread through contact with infected body fluids by a Ebolavirus ( Ebola virus), whose normal host species is considered to be Bats in Africa.
Ebola has a survival rate of thirty percent on average whihc means that for every ten person who becomes infected with the virus only three stand a chance at survival. Ebola significantly undermines the immune system and those who survive the onslaught of the Ebola virus have a supercharged immune system.

Here are some tips on how you can improve your Immune system and increase your chance of survival

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables that have immune boosting phyto nutrients.Cabbages, Grapefruit, Watermelons, Strawberries and Blueberries are great boosters for the Immune system. Eat a lot of green, leafy vegetables and organic fruits. It might be time to start eating those Almonds that waste on the ground in our Jamaican Back Yards, According to WEBMD.Com, Almonds are great at helping your immune system to cope with stress and there is nothing more stressful than a national panic over a disease that could kill you in twelve days on average.. Another Good food that gets rid of free radicals that could subvert the immune system is sweet potatoes.

2. Cut out stress by exercising and maintaining a positive outlook on life. You will be surprised at how a change in thoughts can vastly improve your health. We have heard enough stories of people who died "faster" because they alledgedly "fret" on their illness. Being positive does improve your overall health and ability to fight diseases.

3. Get good night sleep,at least eight hours so that your body can repair damage cells and reboot for the next day's work. Your body needs to be at its best to fight diseases and a body overworked and run down cannot withstand an Ebola Virus. Get a good night's sleep. Rest is very important.

4. During an outbreak it is best to cook your own food. Wash all fruits and vegetables. Cleanliness when handling food is your best bet against viruses and diseases that are transmitted through contact.

5. Person's suffering from complications already have a compromised immunity against diseases. People who are HIV positive, suffering from heart complications, those with major organ damage and respiratory problems need special attention and should take extra care during an Ebola Outbreak

6. Drink Green Tea such as Papaya leaves, it is rumoured to be very effective against Chickungya and might prove beneficial in Ebola Outbreak as it is a great immune system booster.

7. Refrain from taking or stocking up on anti-biotics as they kill the Cytokines messengers to your immune system. A suppressed immune system will not be able to fight against a viral infection in the effect that modern medicine is unavailable

8. Spices that boost your immune system include Tumeric ( use to make CURRY), Cinnamon and Garlic. Garlic is known for its antibiotic properties.

9. Coconut is good for your health as it is rich in lactic acid that converts which converts to Monolaurin, the milk compound found in a mother's breast that strengthens a baby's immunity.

10. Protein is good for your overall health and a good source of protein with immune fighting agents is Egg. Egg can be consumed raw, boiled or fried. Egg is a great recommendation for regeneration of cells. It is recommended that it is eaten as close to its natural state as possible to get the full benefit of the Egg meal. Three Eggs per day is good enough according to the experts.

This might not sound like much but your best combat against diseases has always been your diet. If your body has a good immune system then it can fight infections. Make your body strong by eating right and boosting your immune system

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