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“The idea that sex is something a woman gives a man, and she loses something when she does that, which again for me is nonsense. I want us to raise girls differently where boys and girls start to see sexuality as something that they own, rather than something that a boy takes from a girl.”

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

If a Man is not calling you. He is not interested in you...

Any man who isn’t with you is not your concern.

Men who don't mean you any good always give you a million signs to walk away from him. We complain that men are liars. Men do not lie, actions speak louder than words. It does not matter what a man tells you with his mouth, what matters is what you see with your eyes. That is how far the lie is from the truth-from your ears to your eyes.

Watch out for the red flags and ask questions in order to get clarity. Do not just assume that you are on the right track. You might misread his intentions, but everything you notice about him is real. He is not pretending to not like you; he probably is honestly not that into you. He's not staging his disinterest, he's not interested and if you insist on giving him coochie despite his indifference, no straight male is going to say no to sex.

Here are some signs to look for:

• Always online yet takes forever to respond to your messages: News flash he has someone else who piques his interest far more than you do. Responds to text a day or three later only to apologize and make a date often indefinite to catch up. An indefinite date means that you might be waiting for ever to meet up with this man who may just want to have sex. Nine out of ten time he meets up for sex because he knows you desperately likes him, you are his fall back chick when the women he likes won't give him any time of the day. He basically has you on reserved. His spare tire. Who is going to give him some pussy so that she can snag some more personal favors? He didn't like you before sex, what makes you think he will be more attentive now? Am not saying men don't change their minds after sleeping with women but those women are the exception not the rule, experience shows most men fall off the earth altogether.
• If he is always busy then you know he is not interested. Men are never too busy for women they really like even if it means to take her on the job with him.
• Never calls only text. Chances are he lives with a woman or is too busy using his phone minutes to call other women he is interested in and not you.
• Always waiting until last minute to cancel dates. He is never going to see you. This is one guy you should cancel off your dating options completely. He has no regards for your time and he makes a mockery of your sense of timing by consistently misrepresenting his intentions. Time is precious. Put an x on men who waste your time! Period!
• The guy who lies misrepresents reality and cannot even trust to say one virtuous word. You will never be able trust him and you will always question his intentions. Anybody who is quick to lie about himself will hold no reserves when it comes to lying about you.
• These are some simple, subtle ways a man hints that he is not really interested in you. If you want to be sure about where a man head is give him some space and see how long he takes to realize your absence and reconnect.
If he drops off the face of the earth then know that he is so indifferent to you existent that he did not even realize that your absence. You did the right thing. You just dodge one big ugly bullet.
Men who are not worth the effort and should be crossed off. Don't invest anything in this man.

• Be wary of the men who offer batty wash... They do it to everybody...

• The dude who never takes you out.

• Men who look good but are perennial single.

• The one who makes promises he cannot keep

• The one who only calls you for sex, ask for naked pictures

• The one who ask you for money, phone cards and favors yet can never do anything for you.

• The one who says all the right things in bed but does the wrong thing out of bed. He will tell you he love you while screwing you but never treat you that way.

• The one who never calls or text first and texting or calling him feels like a strain on you.

• The dude who blames everything on you and never takes accountability for anything.

• The one who is married, live with his baby mother and or have woman a foreign is a headache. He is only using you as a substitute a spare tire.

• We are not interested in bashing men, I love men, and some of us will admit that some of our happiest moments were because of a man or due to the presence of a man.

• I have a chapter in my new series especially for dudes like you who always making promises that they are incapable of carrying through for whatever immediate or life threatening reason.

• You have not even an ounce of credibility. I forces to wonder if any iota of truth emanates from your lips

• Don't play hard to get play hard to forget...

• If you going to give your pussy away, as a hefty price tag.

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