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“The idea that sex is something a woman gives a man, and she loses something when she does that, which again for me is nonsense. I want us to raise girls differently where boys and girls start to see sexuality as something that they own, rather than something that a boy takes from a girl.”

— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie



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Sunday, November 2, 2014

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Kitty smiled. “I met someone. He is twenty one"

Trina jumped up with glee and sat back down as abruptly, legs folded beneath her chair, her face resting in her palm, elbow fixed on the table. She squealed, “Details! Details! Am waiting..."

Kitty gave her a conspiratorial smile and threw fleeting looks around the house to confirm that they were alone. “I met him at the party and found him online. We have been talking via messenger. He seems like a really cool guy"

Trina's eyes widen in anticipation and then her face took on a somber look. She shrugged "That sound boring"

Kitty pursed her lips. “Life is not all about excitement. Sometimes it's nice to take it slow!"

Trina made a dry laugh. “You too frustrated to take things slow, you need a good Joe Grind and you need it now so gwaan fool yourself"

Kitty slapped Trina's arm playfully. “Girl mi like the little bwoy eenuh but me fraid. What if him go use me?"

Trina pushed her hands away? A scornful look on her face. “Girl you a gwaan like you a virgin. A three pickney you have so you come out a plastic"

Trina gave her a reprimanding look. "You memba say anno husband you a look. You just a look some fun so be careful of all that messaging shit before you get a serious mindf___k before you even sleep with the bwoy"

Kitty grinned, she could always depend on Trina to be the voice of rationality. “So you think I should do it?"
Trina drew her chair in and it made a rakish sound on the tile.

“Girl just have fun and don't put your heart too much in it cause them yah young bwoy yah no want nobody and if Tom find out him ago kill you. So thread safely and make sure say anno no chatty mouth weh ago have your business all over the place. Jamaica is a very small place and news travel fast. Just do you thing and use protection."

Kitty smirked and her knees brushed Trina's leg under the table. She loved these girl’s bonding sessions.

"Girl him no drop dead handsome but him swagger turn up girl. And him can read good and sound intelligent"

Trina snickered. “Not like the ediat weh me did meet who never respond to a message but send bare voice notes and make calls. Him never understand nothing inna my text cause him can't read."

Kitty let out peals of laughter. "Wah did happen to him though Trin?"

Trina threw her a flirty look. "Well let's just say him is a stud in bed"

Kitty lips perked up. "Them ugly illiterate types are always endowed. They know how to beat it up like a stallion"

Trina sniggered. "Well if you can't read, you can't dress and you ugly then something must work for you and that bwoy know how to work"

Kitty poured herself another shot of vodka and red bull. She rocked sideways in her chair and fixed Trina a questioning look. "Coming like him still a beat it up?"

Trina smacked her lips and sipped from her cup. She licked her lips and burst into loud guffaws at the disgust that was plastered on Kitty's face. "Girl live a little nuh? Have some fun. You take life too serious and life short girl"

Kitty shook her head. “Seriously how do you look into his face? No sah you stomach strong!”

Trina laughed hysterically. Kitty’s glare riddled with repugnance. “I imagine he is someone else. But honestly the ugliness add another level to him appeal. Feel like some raw, rare Jungle fever”

Kitty’s eyes widened, she looked up at the ceiling and shook her head. She fixed Trina an amused look.
“You mad eenuh Gyal? You maddddd!!!!

She continued matter- a-factly. "You no know me eenuh. Mi have as much fun. There is just something about this little bwoy weh just hold me and me feel say the only way me ago find out if it real is if me and him do it. So me know a never just fantasy thing you know."

Trina's lips puckered. “Sound like you looking for a second husband?"

Kitty rolled her eyes. “No you crazy? Him have a baby mother and him can't subsist my lifestyle!"

Trina waved a finger at Kitty, two shots of vodka and she was already high. “Baby mother?!!! Oh please you a gwaan like him married and she is his problem not yours"

Kitty chuckled. " I don't give a damn about no woman I just hope them likkle boys keep their bitches on a tight leash"

Trina snickered, she twirl her fingers in her drink and brought it to her lips for a slow dance with her tongue. She eyed Kitty and smiled.

" Sounds like the little bwoy have a game and if that is true and he ain't running you down then you know he is a real alpha and when it comes to those types even Boss chicks like us have to wait our turn."


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