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Sunday, June 8, 2014

What if all of my Facebook friends were white?

What if all my Facebook friends were white? 

When I was kid I heard Ron Muschette on the radio saying that if wealth or the directions to finding diamonds, was in a book then the black man would never find it. I was around thirteen year old but I understood perfectly what he meant, I heard the maxim before, it meant black people rarely read and there fore the best place to hide something from them would be in a book. 

It is embarrassingly so. We are further behind in the "race" of life because knowledge holds the truths to the evolution of mankind and we stray everyday further and further away from anything that remotely involves an investment in reading. 

There are a few local groups online mainly Facebook, geared at soci-political upliftment. I observed the responses to posts in these groups with relation to likes and commentary. Try posting a profound statement and watch the likes and comments you get on a forum of twenty thousand Facebook members. Now look at the amount of likes and comments a poster gets for a flyer for a party on independence weekend in comparison You are liable to find the same twenty people liking your post and commenting on it, twenty times over.  What happened to the other nineteen thousand plus members? Now post a picture of a frivolity and before long, it is granted over fifty likes. 

I sometimes chalk this down to not having enough white friends. Black people claim that white people are superficial, maybe they should check themselves. They enjoy spending their entire lives copying everything white, abandoning and denouncing anything black and moving up to kiss ass behind white people. They are as meretricious as the white folks they complain about. They act like they all black but in reality hate themselves, take for instance a lot of Jamaican reggae singers, Rastafarians married to white or high brown skin women yet preach black consciousness and black beauty in their music. They probably can't help it, most black men see a relationship with a fair skin woman as exotic, exciting and superior. 

Nothing scares black people more than the success of another black person. It highlights their own inadequacy, they become enraged, angry at the achieved for showing the world that success is attainable if only one put their minds to it. It discredits the excuses of racism, classism and Slavery that many of use to hide behind why we have largely failed as a race in-spite of our many successes. 

Well some might say they don't read long post because they do not have the time, there are people out there using social media to enlightened the masses, posters and forum moderators becoming disillusioned because they have come to realize that Jamaicans are not interested in anything remotely revolutionary or profound. 

Those in the diaspora love nothing more than coming online to beat their chest about why they would never set foot on Jamaican soil again when they left families who while not actively but passively contributing to mayhem they talk about in their vitriol. They are part and sunder of the problems we have as a people, it is a mental issue. Instead of offering words of encouragement, they gloat in the failures of their country, firing off in malicious satisfaction trying to find a way to justify their notion that it is the worst place on earth and they are happy that they left. They will find every way of highlighting the bad about this country, look at the Gleaner and Observer commentary section, lot of comments when the news is bad and three or so comments when successes are highlighted among our people. 

I guess our ancestors probably said the same thing about Africa when they boarded the slave ships or no, the local slaves horned in the America's wasted no time in telling them how inferior they were because they hailed from the motherland. 

Black people have some serious issues with success. They have a "climb on top of everyone in my race mentality" while remain under those outside my race's  conviction. Look at how a black Jamaican security guard treats his Chinese employer as opposed to how he will publicly disrespect, insult and humiliate his black employer. Often drawing reference to the skin of the soil to reinforce his belittlement, telling him that despite what you have achieved you are no better than me because you are still black. 

Think about how black people in a dominantly dark skin country like Jamaica treat other black people when they come to do business especially in the service industry. The receptionist is liable to treat you with blatant disregard, usher you to a waiting chair with a look of disgust on her face and regard your impatience with overall contempt. She would blather away on the phone ( hence why when you call you get a busy signal), do a million things on the computer before responding to your queries and in many cases you will end up leaving there without the information you wanted because the receptionist does not know anything about the company she works in. 

Now watch the receptionist perk up when a white, high brown or Chinese individual enters the room. She will go above and beyond to get the necessary information, respond in a saccharine tone and with a permanent smile plastered on her face, twinkles in her eyes. 

We have been taught to hate and to treat each other with contempt, never allowing anyone to feel they are better than us if they are the same colour. The receptionist can't help the way she is because she was socialized to believe her education albeit fragmented makes her very bright and superior to other black people. Her parents encouraged her to treat those whom were below her ( dunces and those from
poor homes with disregard), she has carried over those values into adulthood. 

Herein lies the theory for our failed system of education, we have smart black people with the wrong values. Smart black people who regard education as status instead of liberation unless we get our values right and get back to the books then we won't ever improve the plight of our people. 

Am not interested in us conquering the world, I just want us to be able to help and support each other since very few people outside will. Just imagine black writers probably get more support from non black readers than their own kind. We spend a lot of time waiting for "others" to validate the success of our people before we embrace or give them support. 

I once had a white friend whom I dearly loved and she was a good friend indeed until she started dating a black man from my area and everything changed. The black man made up conjectures about me and left out everything about himself. I did not quarrel with my friend, our friendship deteriorated, he made me out to be an opportunist. He won because she failed to see that he was destroying our relationship so that he could get what he wanted out of her. She didn't see it until it was far too late. 

I once heard a story that a black man could never own a bank. If he did succeed in getting his own people to bank there, they would watch him like a shark, and if he shows prosperity such as buying a new house, his black brothers would believe he stole from them. They would insist that they wanted back their monies and no doubt run his business into bankruptcy. Don't think you can explain this to them, they are more interested in getting back their money than the legalities of the business. 

Black people will jump through hoops and do everything possible to ensure that you don't make it to the top. Yet they can never invest the same amount of enthusiasm and tenacity into fueling their own success because it is always easier to be a destroyer and a hater than to lend support to each other. 


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