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Monday, March 16, 2015

Moving on from a loveless relationship

Them say you can't just get up and hurt people so... But what would they have you do when you don't love someone anymore. 

Is it better for you to remain in a loveless union because this person " no do you nothing? Than try and find happiness elsewhere. 

It is what makes break ups complicated. But anyone who has remained in a relationship where all love has been lost, knows that next year you won't feel better but worse. If you stay for five more year, you will end up with scores of regrets, cheating partners and an overall miserable life. 

If you don't not love your partner anymore, be honest with them and leave the relationship. Seeking happiness can sometimes be selfish but a loveless union will not work. You will overtime become resentful of your partner. 

Cheating becomes a factor too. People in relationships where the love is lost sometimes end up cheating. Instead of staying with your partner, and having extra relational affairs, leave the relationship and start a new one. Instead of cheating on them, why not set them free and then begin the new relationship. 

People sometimes hang on to loveless unions because they are afraid of jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. It is better to settle for the little that you getting here than leave and risk getting into a worse situation. 

Your partner won't understand. Your ex will probably hate you but they might thank you later. They will see it as selfish when in reality, you doing them a favour. It's unfair to lead them on because you don't want to hurt him/her and then to find out in the end that the love has been dead for sometime now. 

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