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Monday, November 28, 2011

is Vybz Kartel a criminal or murderer?

Vybz Kartel Incarcerated and the questions on everybody lips is-is Vybz Kartel a criminal or murderer?

The consensus beneath the Mango Tree among "the world boss's" fans was that Vybz Kartel was never a badman DJ. One young man likened him to Beenie Man, he is just a Girl's DJ but the emotive and sexual content of his music does not preclude him from carrying out the heinous crimes that the Jamaica Justice system alleged he committed.

I was listening to Kartel's "Real "badman" song and albeit there are several people who i would personally use that song on , the inflection of his voice and lyrical content of the song emoted more amusement that firing my imagination with images of myself horrendous annihilating my enemies and naysayers. Making a few garrulous and mischievous denizens of my community "live up a the station". Vybz kartel's music is simply a reflection of his experiences, stories from the inner city, philosophy and Providences.

Dance hall Music is a medium of expression for many Artiste. It is an art form but art can be played out in real life or is Vybz Kartel's Art a reflection or play out of his life. Women have often contended that the intense sexual content of Kartel's Music and the sexual culture that he exposes in is videos makes one ponder if he is really capable of his utterances or is he simply an ingenious lyricist.

What about street credibility? Many DJs and rappers need the admiration and approval of gangsters in the streets for protection or social validations. It is slated that you cannot proclaim to be a Badman and you have never engaged in "badness" quote and unquote. Vybz Kartel may gain street credibility as a gangster among his inner city fanatics but how will this new label affect his profession.

Many claim that Dance hall music as an economical tool and industry has suffered since Kartel's incarceration and the dismantling of the Gaza Empire. There are few if any hit songs out now and the last time i went clubbing, the entire lat three hours of the party was Gaza after Gaza tune with a few movado's sprinkled here and there. People are waiting with bated breath for the World Boss to bust the case and write riveting, graphic lyrics about his time in prison and the allegations against him. Some people muse that Vybz Kartel will be sunk and Popcaan is the new big thing. It is a common rhetoric among the youth that Kartel could not manage what he had become. He is ingenious but lacks the corporate skills and profundity to take his genuity and opportunities to the next level.

He projects to be of an unplumbed mind yet allegedly beats his disciples and employees if they disobey or defy his authority and the maxims of the Gaza Empire. A doctor friend of mine claims that Kartels proclamation of Intellect is as much a social tool as the many Jamaicans who use college as a form as brand name like wearing Clark's because it makes them more socially gratifying and improves their social status in the shallow superficial minds of the not so intellectually brilliant majority. Few if any certified and qualified Jamaicans have any depth or profundity to their conversation that is un par with philosophy!

Vybz Kartel is clever and other that Bob Marley, he is the only Jamaican artiste who has fully embraced music as an industry. His street Vybz rum, shoe line and clothing line created raves and waves among the youth generation and culture. But is he capable of murder? We will examine this in part two!!!

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