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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Our sense of flawed morality

I often wonder about the concept
of morality and what notions would ascertain that a human being has made a moral decision. 

People use their sense of morality to make practical decisions everyday. A n individual's sense of morality will at times trump or come in conflict with that of another because in truth, morality is not an absolute concept. 

The dilemma of the Northern Caribbean University student brings our question of morality and how we often portray our morality with sanctimony as if morality is reserved for a selective breed of people often basking around in their own self appointment jurisprudence. We pretend as if we are invulnerable to bias and that the side that which we choose is not influence by our individual, personal prejudices. 

What is conceived as morally right is dependent on the outcome of the situation and the position of those who stand to benefit from the execution of moral duties and sanctions. I for one would not apply the moral currency of discontinuing the education of a young woman, when so many cannot afford it and to deem the time she spent at that school, the money wasted, the forfeit  of a degree Programme a moral decision. 

We have a penchant for adding credence and weight to silly decisions based on the socio-economic climate that we have in Jamaica. Morality cannot be encouraged through a system of reward and punishment. To choose the moral high ground is to be socialized, ingrained by way of familial training to seek the greater good because one's conscience allows it. It means to encourage behavior of empathy and thought in a human being which would render him incapable of engaging in acts that would be disadvantageous to the progress of our humanity. The decision by the university board plunges our morality concept back into the fifteenth century. 

We are humans, flawed beings, our sense of morality is tentative, susceptible to change. I find it amusing how my peers will support those who are popular insofar anything that they do while turning a blind eye to the reality of their subsistence. They never hesitate to heap coals of fire upon the heads of those they deem beneath their standard of valuation. Hypocrisy spits in the face of morality.

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