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“The idea that sex is something a woman gives a man, and she loses something when she does that, which again for me is nonsense. I want us to raise girls differently where boys and girls start to see sexuality as something that they own, rather than something that a boy takes from a girl.”

— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fat American WOMEN marrying JAMAICAN men

Recently i met this lady who was complaining about why her Jamaican man treasted her like shit! HER MAN TOLD HER IN NO NEVER TO SPEAK TO HIM AT HOME AND SHE WAS LIVING AN EGGSHELL RELATIONSHIP, ONLY THE RING TOLD EVERYONE THEY WERE MARRIED. when i spoke with her husband during my phone counselling session, he admitted that he never loved his wife and only married her as an opportunity to come to America and better his life. He said that his wife sent him over foiur thousand US DOLLARS to woo him, marry him and get his immigration papers. HE ADAMANTLY inferred that he was making his wife's life miserable because she refuses to give him money and have him locked up in her house. HW REFUSES to be "PROGRAMMED" by any woman because his Jamaican WOMAN would never seek to restrict his freedom or tell him what to do. HE CLAIMS that he would rather go home than stay with his wife in AMERICA. some women might read the title and cringed but this is not a weight discrimination article but the weight isuue is definitely apart of the problem. ive met many overweight women whose self esteem are very low and who think that the only way to get a man is to buy him. These same women would spend thousands of dollars on spoiled, unambitious, disrespectful and abusive men than a hundred dollars on one of my counselling sessions. YES WE ALL NEED LOVE AND HAPPINESS but i say this without apologies, if you are going to use your money to get a man reest assure that the only thing he will ever be interested in is your money. YOU CANNOT "MIND" a man when he is in Jamaica and expect hes not going to anticipate the same treatment in America. YOU SPOILED HIM IN THE BEGINING! SOME OF YOU WOMEN ARE CONCIOUSLY AWARE OF WHAT IT IS YOU ARE DOING THEN YOU EMAIL ME AND TELL ME THIS MAN DOES NOT RESPECT YOU> NEWSFLASH! HE DOESNT AND HE PROBABLY NEVER WILL EXCEPT IN 90% OF THE TIMES WHEN I INTERVENE. You must make your man know what it is that you want from the get go! leT him know that you will deport his ass back to JA IF HES MESSES UP. DO NOT THINK FOR A MINUTE HE WILL CHANGE, HE WIL ONLY GET WORSE UNTIL HE LEAVES AND SHACKS UP WITH SOME OTHER FRIEND AND YOU NEVER SEE OR HEAR FROM HIM AGAIN. DONT THINK FOR A MINUTE THAT GIVING HIM MORE MONEY WILL MAKE HIM STICK AROUND, THE MORE DIMES YOU SHELL OUT, THE DEEPER HIS DISRESPECT, CONTEMPT AND DISREGARD FOR YOU GETS. IT IS A COMMON BELIEF HERE THAT AMERICAN FAT WOMEN HAVE LOW SELF ESTEEM, MONEY AND ARE IN DESPERATE NEED FOR A MAN. Many men enter relationships on this premise. This notion needs to be corrected! ITS THE ROOT OF YOUR PROBLEMS. I CAN HELP YOU WITH THAT! INBOX ME YOUR DETAILS. BE PREPARED TO BE WOWED!